Nashos through Australia responded to the devastation caused by the Category 5 cyclone Larry in north Queensland.
Inquiries by Queensland President, Colin Bell, amongst Nashos in the ravaged area revealed that power generators were their most urgent need to provide lighting, cooking and refrigeration. A truckload was dispatched.
Trevor Keeling from Cairns Branch traveled to Innisfail to oversee their delivery and to arrange longer term aid for Nashos living in Innisfail, Babinda, and Tully and on the Atherton Tableland.
The cyclone wrecked homes, buildings and farms on a scale not seen for decades. Power, transport and water services were cut off, hampering relief efforts. Henry and Gale Stephens survey the damage to their home and with their generator. Theyare surveying the damage to their home.

Jenny and Trevor were showing Alex and Lois around the cyclone damaged home of Henry and Gail Stephens and the renovations that are needed to restore their home. Lois inspecting the tradesmen's repairs.
The demolished Kitchen under repair. Gail's temporary Kitchen.
Storm damage in the city of Innisfail being cleaned up by the Council. one of the many banana plantations completely destroyed and flattened by Larry
This house is a total write off.