Townsville and District Branch

Inaugural meeting held at the Townsville R.S.L on 25th March 1997 Foundation Committee “Pres”. John Doyle. “Vice Pres”. Kev Hasson. Secretary John McCann. Kyle MacLeod. Peter Armati.Kev Saunders.Chaplins Rev. A MacNicol. Fr. John Emerson.Parton Brig Neil Weekes AM MC [Ret.]

Our Activities

In March 2005 We dedicated our Memorial to all National Servicemen at the Townsville suburb of Rowes Bay. Dedicated by the Chaplains from the three Services Fr. John Emerson representing the Army, Unveiling Officer, Brig. Mick Slater. DSC CSC. With an address by Mr. Colin Bell State President NSAA Queensland

Burdekin Sub Branch
April 2005 The Townsville Branch held an inaugural meeting at AYR to establish the Burdekin Sub Branch by February 2006 They have a membership of 40 and still growing
Photo Right hand [Back to camera] Pat Neville. John Dwyer. Bob Bonassi. Bill Towers. Mick Keith. Top Table L-R Joe Defranciscis. Jim Applewaite. Warren Hegarty.
Kyle MacLeod. Donn Thomson[in yellow]. Doug Henricks.
Ben Hobson. George Finn.

National Service Day
Nasho Day 14th Feb. Each year we hold a commutative church service. Followed by a luncheon and medal presentation [ifany] by our Patron Brig. Neil Weekes AM MC [Ret]
Now that we have our memorial we will hold our services there and still followed by a luncheon Top Left Flag escort party leaving the church lead by Maurie Degiovanni [L-R] John Dwyer Nev Coleman [next row] Peter Wyatt Tony Hoary Top Right Flag escort party entering the Church lead by Fr John Emerson

Bottom left Our Parton Brig Neil Weekes AM MC [ret] presenting the Anniversary of National Service Medal to Jim Applewaite
Bowen BBQ Trip
Once a year we join with other Branches at Bowen for a BBQ lunch. A good time and a festive day is had by all.
Top Left Front to back Bowen members and Supporters on the bus to Bowen.
Nev Edwards. Merv Abbott .Alma Thornhill. Mills Cockren. Eva Cockren Bill Towers. Vanda Towers. Jim Applewaite

Bottom Left Rifle drill as we did it 50 years ago, the squad from the left Rod Sanderson [Bowen] Alan McDonald[Bowen] Phil Nicholson [Townsville]
Kevin Beckman [Mackay] Kevin Cooper [Mackay] Bottom Right Andy Warnes welcoming Members and Visitors to Bowen festive BBQ

Townsville Branch BBQ
We hold a B.B.Q. every three months at the Thuringowa sound shell, to which all members and family are welcome. We have a sing-a-long along and a very good BBQ lunch
Left picture Bob Griffiths and family with Kel [Doc.] Shannon on the left cooking up a storm.
Right picture Thelma Degiovanni entertaining the crowd with Warren and Lorraine Hegarty to one side
North Queensland Military Museum
We are very committed to supplying Museum guides to the North Queensland Military Museum at Fort Kissing Point located within Jezzine Barracks so that the Museum can be open on Sundays between 10am and 2pm Left hand picture shows one of two 6inch breech loading coastal defence guns ordered by Lord Kitchener and installed at the fort in1896 for the defense of Townsville.
Right hand picture Bob Wasley pointing out some of the weapons used by the various countries during W W 2
Fort Kissing Point was used as a searchlight and anti-aircraft gun position during W W 2

Each ANZAC Day we march behind our own banner with about 70 personnel attending. The march is along “The Strand” Townsville Maurie Degiovanni carrying the Association Flag
With Kevin Saunders[hidden] and Nev. Coleman carrying our banner

ANZAC Service for the infirm
ANZAC Day 2006. This year on the eve of ANZAC Day we held our first ANZAC Day service at Morleys Funeral Chapel to which we invited the aged and infirm from the Age and Care Homes in the District. The Chapel Alter was covered with camouflage net and the hats of the three services. These items and the 303 rifle, were on loan from The North Queensland Military Museum. This proved a great success and will be bigger next year.

Visit to Cardwell

On the last Sunday of October each year we visit Cardwell,[ which is central for all North Queensland Branches] for a day out with a luncheon and entertainment along with other North Queensland Branches. Members and Supporters from the Townsville Branch and the Burdekin Sub-Branch made the visit along with the following Branches and their Presidents.

Cairns and district, Innisfail/Tully and District, Tablelands Branch, Ingham Branch, Townsville and District Branch, Burdekin Sub-Branch, Coral Coast Branch.

     L.H photo facing the camera Townsville Secretary Kyle MacLeod.

Beryl Robertson[back to camera] on her left Thelma and Maurie Degiovanni.


(1) Jim Applegate "Burdekin Sub-Branch" (2) Phil Pearce "Innisfail Branch" (3) Fred Cave "Secretary Cairns Branch" (4) Andy Warnes "Coral Coast" (5) John Ahlers "Tablelands Branch" (6) John Pearson "Ingham Branch (7) Warren Hegarty "Townsville Branch" (8) Colin Bell "State President                                                                                                                                


Birthday Party for Townsville Branch Members
The last Saturday in May each year we have our 70th Birthday Party to which all members and their families are invited. This is a sit down dinner with entertainment Only those who are or have turned 70 in that year get a small present.
L toR absent. Arthur Withers. In back absent. Aussie Lanphier. absent [next to the artificial cake] absent. absent. absent. Pat Ring

Chirstmas Party 2006


Chirstmas Party {attendence160} held at the RSL Townsville on the 18th of November

After the arriavel of Santa Clause [BobGriffiths] and Mrs Clause [Val Griffiths]

The party started With Professional entertainment by Melanie Hall “Bush Poet”
Our own “Steptoe and Co.” played by Warren Hegarty. Tony Hoare [centre]and Joe Wallace.[front row from left]Val Griffiths. Myrna Dwyer. Maureen Hoare.Kyle Macleod. Dariel Walker.Thelma Macleod. BobGriffiths.[in front] Phil Nicholson.
And the party played on


Held in Ayr on the 3/12/06  a good time was had by all,with good entertainment and good food

Jim Applewaite President of the Burdekin Sub-Branch welcoming The Member for Burdekin Rosemary Menken MP
right.front row L-R Jim Applewaite. Rosemary Menken MP. Warren Hegarty.
Middle row L-R Eva Cockrem. Marjerie Stagg. Elma Thornhill. Myrtle Edwards. Rosland Thomson. Ceicley Dee. Vanda Towers.
Back Row L-R Myles Cockrem. Les Stagg. Mev Abbott. Nev Edwards. Donn Thomson. Bill Tower


Three most important people at any event

Donn Thomson. Les Stagg. New Edwards


“Piper” Donn Thomson



Hand-over of “Goodwill Posters” to LT.COL A Taylor

On the 26/10/07

LT. COL Taylor it is my pleasure that I on behalf of the Townsville Branch of the National Servicemen’s Association pass on to you these “Goodwill Posters” to be forwarded to ADF units serving overseas.

With these posters go our Christmas greetings, our hopes and our best wishes for a safe and secure tour of duty and swift return to their love ones. These posters also express our support and pride in the men and women of our defense forces, God bless them all History of the Good-well Posters :

A member of the branch suggested that we send Good-will cards to all troops deployed overseas, this of course was not possible.

As an alternative Posters was suggested and developed by Warren Hegarty and Peter Wyatt, as these could be placed on notice boards of Units deployed overseas for all to see.


Above photo “Goodwill Poster” [one of 35]

signed by as many of our members as would fit in the space available

Handover of Goodwill Posters to LT COL A Taylor by Peter Wyatt

From right to left Mr. Peter Lindsay MP[Defence Secretary] John Brazel. Tony Hoare. Jack Jones, Kev Bennett. Kyle MacLeod RSM. WO1 P Hills, Nev Coleman. Ron Mathison. Mick Keith. Roy Whitton. Kel Shannon, Joe Wallace. Phil Nicolson


Christmas Party 2007

Our Christmas Party, held as usual at the Townsville RSL. We were entertained by the Bush Poet “Maline Hall’, Donn Thomson [on his bagpipes] and our own Lady “Actors” going back to their second childhood at school


School Girls” class of 2007 from left to right

Glad Sponza, Val Griffiths, Marion Lynch,

Maureen Hoare, Pat Bennett, Myrna Dwyer,

Darial Walker, Phyllis Reid, Thelma MacLeod.


School “Master” Warren Hegarty

School Boys Back Row: Phil Nicholson.

John Finch. Kev Lynch: Kyle MacLeod:

Thelma MacLeod: Ken Reid:Tony Hoare

Kev Bennett


Burdekin Christmas Party 2007

Held at the Home Hill Tennis Club. approximately 70 attended with morning tea provided, a three meat and salad Lunch and desert. Entertainment provide by our own Ben Hobson and Lorraine Hegarty followed by “Piper” Donn Thomson.

Jim Applewaite, President ‘Burdiken-Sub branch’ Presenting a certificate of appreciation to Rosemary Menken MP. Member for Burdekin, and Ross Northwood of Burdekin Funerals for their continued and much appreciated Support.

Nev Edwards[Treasurer Burdekin Sub-Branch in dark shirt] and Kyle MacLeod [in white shirt] Secretary Townsville Branch checking everyone in.



They are Townsville members and supporters front row L-R John Dwyer. Dariel Walker. Bob Wasley.Kyle Macleod. Lorraine Hegarty.back row L-R Ben Hobson. Ken Read. Warren Hegarty.Dot Wasley. Val Hobson. E Roy [cairns]


Bowen Trip 2008
A photo from our recent Bowen get together, entertainment by Warren Hegarty, Deariel Walker and Phil Nicholson singing "Hang out our washing on the Siegfried Line"


A visit to Townsville by RANDALL "ANIMAL" NELSON during his around Australia Fund Raising Motorbike Ride 11/08/08.
Being told where to go by our Lady Supporters.
Fore ground L-R Carmel Whitton, "Animal" Larraine Hegarty, Val Hobson Back ground L-R Roy Whitton, Thelma MacLeod, Peter Wyatt, Ben Hobson